I never thought my wife would buy me a Lexus for Christmas.  Sure enough, she didn’t.

After racking our brains and emptying our wallets trying to make everyone else happy, I think if we don’t get the gift(s) we want for the holidays, it’s perfectly acceptable to buy them for ourselves.

Personally, I could use an ipod and a new laptop.  You may want an X-box. 

I don’t smoke or drink (much).  Think of the money I’ve saved in my lifetime.

If fact, the entire month of January should be devoted to self-gifting.  Who’s with me?

2 Responses

  1. swany

    haha. i’m with you. maybe january 25 could be a self-appreciation day. someone should call dr. (quack) phil to have him make the proclamation. i could use a TiVo and flat screen tv.

  2. PrairieWoman

    I’m with you. I want so much though I might have to extend it into February. In fact, I am going to buy myself a new car. Not a Lexus, but, a new car anyway. 🙂

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