Celebrity Meltdown 2005

This week on The Dullum File we begin something that could become a year-end holiday tradition for us.  We’re going to be selecting our Celebrity Meltdown of the Year. 

Our choice for the most bizarre behavior by a celebrity in the year about to end.  Behavior that will join the ranks of people like Diana Ross, Marv Albert and Hugh Grant from years past.  (The list goes on and on.) 

We encourage you to vote with your comments below.  The Celebrity Meltdown of 2005 will be announced Friday evening on The Dullum File.  

8 Responses

  1. Al

    When I read the words “Celebrity Meltdown”, my mind immediately jumped to Tom Cruise lecturing Matt Lauer about Lauer’s apparent lack of education on psychiatric history. While exercise and vitamins may have a profound effect on one’s mood, Cruise’s insistence that it will completely cure depression adds to the meltdown. The most entertaining part of the meltdown was his “immense happiness and excitement” on Oprah, which reminded me of one of Joan Embry’s monkeys going wild and punching Johnny in the face on the Tonight Show.

    Apparently, one can take the exercise and vitamins thing too far.

  2. loser2

    I agree with “Al.” Tom Cruise is so bizarre. the whole jumping on the couch thing with oprah and the adolescent bride take the cake. He is very strange. He used to be so cool like in Top Gun and now he’s a nut.

  3. FireNuts

    For the longest time I thought that Tom Cruise was watching me. Looking in my windows, following me around in his car…the normal kind of stuff. Then I realized that he is the one with the problem.

  4. Moldy Teeth

    I here you on that one, Fire Nuts. He’s creepy enough to do that, and I believe every word of it. I had heard that he was in the area recently. I think he’s a zealot or something. And he won’t eat any asprins! Can you believe the gaul of this man?

  5. Fire Nuts

    Well, regardless, he’s been slinking around Grand Forks for the past two months. One of the people who take your order at Culver’s said he was in there one day for an early lunch. And he’s also been at the Parrot’s Cay 7-8 times. Wish he’d pack up and get the H-Double Hockey sticks out of town!

  6. MuchSuck

    The old lady who works at Whitey’s said that Tom Cruise has been in Whitey’s “a couple three four times.” One time when he left, the young bartender with the bad haircut and dirty white shirt sneaked out after him and watched him drive away in a 1987 Ford Bronco II. He thought he headed West over the bridge but wasn’t sure because his stupid glasses fogged up when he got outside. When he came back in, he said “I think he headed across the bridge towards Grand Forks.”

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