That’s A Wrap

Like most guys I can barely get my Christmas shopping done on time, much less manage the gift wrapping part.  That’s why it comes as a surprise that the Grand Forks Optimist Club has invited me to help wrap Christmas gifts with them.  The club does it as a service for Columbia Mall shoppers and a fundraiser for their club each year.

My problem is patience.  Gift wrapping takes some.

In Christmasses past it’s been too easy for me to pay someone else to do my wrapping for me.  Or, to drop presents into those nifty, little gift sacks.   

I’m not used to working with ribbon, either.  The cats who run our house, Saddam and Osama, consider ribbon a delicacy.  So, we don’t bother.  Take my word, it’s better that way.  (Saddam and Osama are my cats’ nicknames.  For the record, their given names are Angie and Dickens.)

Anyway, I’ll be doing my best on Thursday, December 15, from 10 am until noon at Columbia Mall in Grand Forks.  Pray for me.     

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  1. TD

    Thanks to everybody who stopped by to vist at Columbia Mall. Especially to Jeff, Dennis and the others who actually trusted me to wrap gifts for their significant others. If they question the wrapping just tell them it was done by a TV boy. They should understand.

    Thanks, too, to the Optimists for the invitation and for playing along with our silliness. The results will be seen on this week’s Dullum File.

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