I want to thank the Bigdogz of KJ108 Radio in Grand Forks for helping to make sure my ego stays in check.  They’re very good at that sort of thing. 

Even though they work for the evil empire known as Clear Channel Communications, I listen to them all the time–mostly in self-defense.  Actually, Bill Tanner and Pat Mars have said mostly nice things about me on the air over the years.  They even bought me (and comedian Bob Zany) lunch once, which I have yet to return.

I like the Dogz because they seem to have a healthy disregard for suits and consultants.  I especially like it when they fight with each other on the air.  I find that very entertaining. 

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  1. Bigdogz

    Right back at ya big boy!
    Terry you know we’re big fans…you may be the ONLY on in RRV that we HAVE respect for.
    About lunch..fuggetaboutit we had the “suits” pay for it; also we usually give Bob Zany 108 dollars a year to call-in weekly..we stiffed him 20 bucks to cover the tip.
    Keep up the good work!

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