Leslie Gore

It’s good to know The New York Times caught up with the Dullum File the other day, publishing a nice story about Leslie Gore by writer Jesse Fox Mayshark.  One of the biggest singing stars of the early 1960’s, Leslie Gore recorded hits like "It’s My Party", "Judy’s Turn to Cry" and "Maybe I Know."                                               

Her first new album in 30 years is called "Ever Since."  She recorded it for the small independent record label Engine Company Records.  Her voice is huskier now than it was.  The arrangements are a lot simpler and a lot jazzier.  The only hit she revisits on the CD is an interesting version of "You Don’t Own Me."  I liked her music back in the 60’s when she was recording with producers like Quincy Jones and I like it now especially.                    

"Ever Since" is available on her web site and at Engine Company.  It’s pretty hard to find anywhere else.


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  1. noonday

    Leslie Gore’s dad is the “GORE” from “Gore-Tex.” She doesn’t have to work.
    It info like this that makes me feel like Cliff Claybun on “Cheers.”

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