Fargo’s Depression

We think we’ve got it bad these days with high gas and oil prices.  But our experiences pale in comparison to those people who lived through the Great Depression of the 1930’s.

North Dakota State University historian David B. Danbom has written and interesting account of the Depression and how it affected Fargo called "Going It Alone:  Fargo Grapples with the Great Depression."

I never knew about local and national anti-hoarding campaigns.  (I thought I knew everything.)   Business leaders and politicians became convinced that money was being hoarded.  One Fargoan was reputed "to have some $45,000 in gold in a safety deposit vault."  Another Fargo family was believed to have hidden "$20,000 in $100 bills behind a loose cement block in the basement."   Publications including the Forum called on consumers to spend money as an act of patriotism.

Throughout the Depression, Fargo did better than most in the struggle to survive.   It couldn’t have been easy.    

"Going It Alone:  Fargo Grapples with the Depression" is going to be published by Minnesota Historical Society Press on November 15.