The Blues

Blues lovers should be happy with two new blues CDs just released.  (Three, if you count The Rolling Stones’ "Bigger Bang.")  One is called "Bring ‘Em In" by Buddy Guy.  The other is "B.B. King & Friends."  I got both for my birthday from my current wife, Ginny.

"Bring ‘Em In" features duets with people like Carlos Santana, Keith Richards and Tracy Chapman as well as a killer version of Otis Redding’s "Dreams To Remember."  I knew Buddy Guy is a terrific musician.  But until his show earlier this summer at the 7 Clans Casino near Thief River Falls, I never knew what a good showman he is.

"B.B King & Friends" also has some big names on it like Elton John, Van Morrison, Sheryl Crow, Mark Knopfler and Glen Frey.  It includes yet another version of "The Thrill is Gone," this time with Eric Clapton.  B.B. King, of course, is an icon.

B.B King will be appearing at the Chester Friz Auditorium on Wednesday, December 7.