In The Kitchen With Lyn

I get a kick out of having Lyn Nichols be a part of The Dullum File.  She reminds me a little of the late, great Julia Child.  Julia never took herself too seriously in the kitchen.  Lyn doesn’t either.

A few months ago, Lyn and I made Deep Fried Twinkies together for The File.    Actually, she made them.  I watched.  They were good, too.  Very good.

Lyn even invited me to hang around for the taping of a "What’s Cookin’" segment for WDAY News @5.  For that she made something healthier, but not as much fun.

This week we’ll be cooking up something else with Lyn on The Dullum File.  Stay tuned.


2 Responses

  1. Jan

    I made the deep fried twinkies you and lyn made on what’s cookin and they were so good I have shared the recepe with several relatives and friends. lookin forward to the next dullum file with terry and lyn. I’ll stay tuned.

  2. TD

    Deep Fried Twinkies are good. And good for you, too! This week Lyn and I are making something called Beer Noodles from the new book “101 Things To Do with Ramen Noodles.” Bon Appetit.

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