And The Oscar (for Hosting) Goes To…

The 88th annual Academy Awards Presentation is coming up. I look forwards to it every year. For me it marks the beginning of the end of winter. Or at least, the beginning of the last half of winter. (Or something.) I enjoy the Oscars, not because I’m so into movies or rich people handing over awards to…
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Hail Caesar_2.1.16

Hail, Coens!

I get very excited whenever a new Coen brothers movie is about to open. I’ve been a fan ever since doing a television story on the Minnesota natives and their first feature film “Blood Simple” back (unbelievably) in 1984. Minnesotans in the movie business were big news back then. The Coen brothers still are. I’ve…
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David Bowie_1.12.16

David, Glenn And E.T.

Entertainment Tonight did it again. The show that likes to bill itself as the granddaddy of all entertainment programs gave scant coverage to the death of yet another true artist. This time, the gifted co-founder of The Eagles, Glenn Frey. I was still angry a week after ET, now in its 35th season, devoted under…
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Things That Make You Go Hmmm?

To quote the 90’s dance music group C+C Music Factory, which quoted former television talk show host Arsenio Hall, there are just some things that make you go “hmmm.” (I know, I know. At some point I’m really going to have to start updating my references. But I digress.) These things that make you go…
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The Calories That Don’t Count

Without a doubt the New Year’s resolution most often made (and broken) is the resolution to lose weight. It’s been said that calories don’t count. But tell that to your bathroom scale after a long Thanksgiving-Christmas-New Year’s holiday eating season. Still, I believe there are certain calories that don’t count, or at least, shouldn’t count…
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